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Rubinokids Srl is committed to ensuring that you have the best and safest browsing experience possible on this website.
And this is why we want to explain to you what the cookies we use for this purpose are and what they are.

Type of cookies and purposes

Cookies they are small files that are sent to the browser and saved on the user's device when he visits a website. Cookies allow the site to function efficiently and improve its performance, and also provide information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize the browsing experience by remembering user preferences. Rubinokids uses different types of cookies and similar technologies, each of which has a specific function. There are some benevolent Cookies on this website: some preparatory to the functionality of the website, others to monitor your visit statistics. Not all cookies are the same: there are, in fact, of different nature such as:

Session cookies they expire at the end of the browser session and allow PayPal to link the user's actions during that specific session;

Permanent cookies however, they remain memorized on the user's device even after the end of the browser session and allow you to remember your preferences or actions within multiple sites;

Proprietary cookies they are set by the site you are visiting;

Third party cookies are set by a third party site other than the site you are visiting;

Cookies can be deactivated or removed using the tools available in most browsers. Cookie preferences must be set separately for each browser used, as each of them offers specific features and options.

Navigation and functional cookies.

Navigation cookies they are necessary for the site to function correctly and allow you to view the contents on the device by recognizing the language and market of the country from which the user has chosen to connect. If the user is registered, they allow access to the services offered and to recognize the visitor on subsequent accesses.
Functional cookies they improve the quality and browsing experience: these include the Cookies necessary for the functioning of the Newsletter, website, user registration area.

Statistical cookies of Rubinokids and third-party companies.

They are cookies used to process statistical analysis on how users navigate. The results of these analyzes are used anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes. The site uses some third party services which, independently, can install their own cookies.
Our website uses some of these cookies, including:

Facebook cookies
Google Analytics cookies
Pay Pal cookies

Profiling cookies from third-party companies.

They are used to create the user profile with the purpose of sending commercial messages based on the preferences shown during the visit to the site or to improve the shopping and browsing experience. They allow you to offer commercial offers on other affiliated websites (retargeting). On third-party cookies Rubinokids has no control over the information provided because it is totally controlled by third-party companies as described in their respective privacy policies.

For specific information on how to change the cookie settings on the following browsers, click the relevant link below:

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